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"Mr Bean aus Stockholm"
Rheinische Post
"He generates so much humanity that we laugh with tears in our eyes"
Dagens Nyheter
"Gets into a giant red baloon where he is surrounded as if retreating to the womb. It is strange and fascinating and brilliant as both theater and cirkus."
Sydsvenska Dagbladet
"The Balloon Man is already a classic "
"A Ballet dancing Johan Olav Koss character in pink tights with the coordination of Fleksnes. Or rabid chicken-like half naked men that seem to have no other goal than to cause the destruction of others"
Stavanger Aftenblad
"Very funny and embarrasingly familiar is the tableau in which a well oiled expert of animus and animae with a therapeutic German accent shows us how to get in touch with our masculine and feminine sides. It´s poignant and tagi-comical."
"The Baby" in the play Miss Flower is a colourful role performance that seems to move in and out of different ages. Jan Unestam plays this fantasy child with a broad range of facial expression and feelings."
Uppsala Nya Tidning
"Mr. Cirkör"
Dagens Nyheter
"Jan Unestam is a chapter unto himself."
Nyköpings Dagblad